Today, I spent so much of my time adoring Axel. Intentionally. Life is small. Life is so small. But his life, makes up my entire life. He has been here 18 months now and I cannot imagine what my life was even like before God blessed me with him. 

So many things are ugly in this world. People cannot be trusted, fait cannot be told. But when I look into my sons eyes, and I look at his tiny arms and tiny legs, I feel responsible. And in such a positive way. He gives me no choice but to be strong and fight for him until my last breath. There’s not one condition that I would let anyone or anything hurt my son without me putting up my best fight. 

I think about him dating girls. How he will treat them. How they will treat him. I think about what sports he’ll play and if he will make good friends. I think about how good of a grandson he will be to his grandparents. 

I just want to protect him and give him the best of me. I always have- there’s no doubt in my mind. He is my only child. I won’t screw up a thing for this little soul that needs me more than anyone else. 

Mommy guilt is so real. 

Mommy love is so strong. 

Mommy strength is unimaginable.  




2016 has been amazing. For so many reasons. I reached goals. All kinds of goals, business and personal.  

Aside from being a leader for my business that is growing at an insane pace, I’m also learning that I’m really good at cooking too! I have added so many healthy dinners to my families menu and it makes me feel so capable of everything. Considering last year I couldn’t make mac n cheese without burning the pan. Lol.  I made a massive amount of friends that I love and talk to daily and will always keep near and dear to my heart. I learned so much about myself as a mom, wife to be, bonus mom! I feel like the best person I could possibly be 🙂 (but we all have room for improvement) So, in comes 2017!

I’m so excited for 2017. We have our family vacation booked for Key Largo where we will be experiencing a waste deep encounter with the most incredible animals on the planet and hopefully Brian and I will get to take a dorsal fin ride! I’m also looking forward to my baby boy turning 2 in just 6 months. He has grown to be such a healthy, happy and incredibly intelligent funny boy and I’m beyond blessed to be able to have not missed a wink! We are ALSO looking forward to FINALLY tying the knot as husband and wife! (About dang time… lol) 

I hope that 2017 is nothing but better and bigger for every single one of you reading this! Life is what you make it and I know you can make it magical! Especially if little ole Becca Lomurno from Madison, OH can! 



Leaps and Strides

It feels so incredibly good to succeed. Everyone knows that. But when you are seeing others succeed, that makes me feel so insanely humbled. It motivates me to see the women in my team reach their goals, stride past them and brainstorm on improvement. It motivates the crap out of me to be able to witness this. To be apart of such a strong team spiritually, emotionally and just overall. Women are powerful as it is. Throw a bunch of talented women together with a common love for helping people with essential oils and you have the #GoalDiggers. I’m beyond proud of my team. I am beyond proud of every single one of these girls who have set their mind to something and accomplished it. It is so humbling and I cannot congratulate them enough. These girls are a movement. And I am so proud to work with them and have them with me on this thrilling journey! 2017 will surely be one for the books!



Finding Gold. 

People make choices. Not all of the choices people make are positive ones. Choices can hurt people, choices can devastate and scare the crap out of people. One choice you make could cost your life. One choice you make could make you a millionaire (ask my mom)! Life is all about choices. If we always made the right decisions, we wouldn’t be unique individuals. We wouldn’t learn from each other’s mistakes or gain the wisdom to tell our children the words “trust me…”

Guys, no one is perfect. No one makes the best decision 100% of the time. Nope, not even you, reading this. But you should never judge someone based on their choices. Especially ones that have been left in the past, near or far. You can sit and wonder how that person might feel inside about themselves for their not so gold actions. We’re adults, we’re human. We all want to be successful, smart, and loved by everyone. We all want to feel like we radiate gold. No one wants to be hated, judged or lonely. Please consider that when you judge me based on a choice made by my sisters or my fiancé or even myself. We are human. We learn, we grow and we love. 

Please open your eyes a little bit wider and see the good in us. See the gold in the intentions of all human decisions. We are learning our lessons every single day. We all want to be loved, we all want to be happy, we all want to have friends and family to rely on and trust. We don’t want to be walking in fear, we don’t want to be hiding and ashamed. This is life you guys and we’re all in it with each other.  Our paths have crossed and the best should be made of it. This goes for extended families too. Step moms, step dads, step siblings, work relationships, mutual friendships.

I have a lot of great things I should recognize about myself(because I don’t nearly enough).
-I’m a great mom. I enjoy my son SO much. We have the best time and I genuinely know that I’m giving him the best of me. 

-I love everyone. I don’t hold grudges. Yes, even those who have done me very wrong. I have forgiven. Even without them asking. 

-I care about success. I’m driven to be successful. I take quite a bit of pride in where I stand with sharing about health and wellness. I want the best for everyone. 

Please, just try to see the good. Try to not compare yourself and your past to someone else’s. Try to make friends with everyone and always be friendly. 



Sunday Morning

This morning, my dad cooked breakfast for my mom, sister, Brian, Diesel, Axel and I. We had French toast, bacon, hasbrowns, orange juice and hot chocolate. It was so nice to get together and hangout on just a random Sunday and play board games and laugh and be crazy like we do on holidays. Living this close to my mom and Dad and sister isn’t something that will always be possible for us all, (just not THIS close I should say). So spending this morning together and just having fun and relaxing was so memorable. It makes me so proud to have such a loving family.

Before we headed over there at 11am, Diesel chose a bag and a half of toys he would like to donate to other children. So my heart was already full. He cleaned up his room and donated toys generously and it was a huge step for him to do that versus the struggle we had with him doing it last year. He makes me very proud.

I am so blessed. I’m happy today has already been so much fun for us. It’s already 1pm! I hope you all have an incredibly blessed day and spend it with family and making memories!


Hustle Harder

I cannot wait to accomplish my dreams. With my business, I have already reached some goals I didn’t think was possible a year ago today. However, they are not my dreams. My dreams go far far far beyond my goals. I have a million goals and maybe just a handful or two of dreams. I am hell bent on achieving everything. 

My main motivator is Axel. Period. He drives me so hard and his sweet innocent face is a constant reminder of why I want to set a great example of work ethic. 

My second motivator is how bad I want to give. I want to give to strangers at the store, cars parked next to me. I want to help my family members accomplish their dreams. There’s so much I want to do, but giving is a huge chunk of it all. 

When I start to feel like I can’t or I won’t, I work 10x harder and that has a lot to do with Brian and how much he motivates me verbally. 

Tackle whatever it is you want to do today. Today, I’m tackling my business goals. 


Small Business Saturday

Today is a day that I’m celebrating my job. To some, distributing essential oils may sound like some gimmick or some pyramid scheme you can’t trust. Trust me, I thought the same thing. But here I am in my life a little over a year with this business. I am BEYOND grateful for my entire team. My upline, my downline, my cross line friends. I mean we are a movement and we have nothing but positive intentions of spreading the love of essential oils for health and wellness. 

So why? What is my why? My why is to support my family. To travel the world with my family because of this company. To have financial freedom and not stress about missing credit card payments or car payments, because lets face it… We have ALL been there and that’s the very last thing you want your child to know about you. That you struggled. When you’re supporting a small business, you’re helping support a dream. A mothers dream to show her children you can become anything you want to be. You can dream big and accomplish those goals. No matter where you came from, how you were raised or what kind of support you do or don’t have. 

This is not an opportunity to boast or brag. I am grateful for my life and I recognize this daily. If it were not for Brian I would have never been able to quit my day job, stay home with Axel and even give this business a shot. Again, here I am. I am humbled. Hard work has been rewarding. And on this day, I want to thank all of the moms who are out there chasing their dreams for their children and families as well. Just like me. Growing a business from just yourself to 67. You can do this. We all can do this. Support each other! Support your local small businesses. 


I’m lacking creativity so badly. 

When people talk about having more kids they usually single it out to just saying “it’s too expensive” which is super duper true. But my 100% main reason I don’t want to have another child is because I am scared! I was not scared at all when we intentionally conceived Axel. I really think we just got super duper lucky and are incredibly blessed. Beyond any words- blessed is an understatement. I am scared of what would happen to my emotions. Personally, when I had Axel I would not let anyone hold him, feed him, change him or anything without me being an inch away and being so over bearing. I’m better now, of course. But I mean. My pride has literally been rearranged. Like the things I was proud of before don’t compare to how much pride I have for Axel. 

I’m afraid that I would suck at being a mom to two kids. I am afraid that I would not learn how to love a second baby the way I love Axel. Which I know that your love grows because all of my friends tell me, Brian tells me about how much he loves Diesel and Axel equally, and because I know how much my mom loves me as her 3rd child. But it is my fear. I’m also afraid of going through what I went through again crying and weeping for days and days after bringing him into this world. I STILL bawl my eyes out when Axel does something super cute. Like behaving so well at his great grandparents today and just really enjoying them and their time. He makes me feel like I’m doing something right. I put my life into this child and I am just so so so invested in him that I couldn’t imagine any sort of changes anytime soon or ever. 

I have mad respect to the moms that try with everything in their hearts for their children. And who give their children nothing but the best of themselves in hopes of raising an amazing person. Momming is so so hard you guys. Emotionally. I am not talking about physically (well that too kind of) but emotionally- momming is SO hard and love should never be underestimated no matter how short that 4 letter word is. It is a massive, massive feeling. 

Lucky I am. 

I am having one of those moments when I realize how super duper lucky I am to be with Brian Vojacek. He is so loving, so kind and giving. He is so ambitious, and always puts us first. There is not better man I could think of. He has given me the best life. To have exactly what I have. He gives me so much more than he even knows about and I am beyond thankful to call him mine. When I look at our son, I think that without Brian, I wouldn’t have this person in my arms. And then my heart feels even fuller with love. I am such a lucky girl. Love your men ladies! They deserve to hear it!❤️



Happiness & Comfort 

It’s super late for me. Last night I was asleep by 9pm. 

We are co-sleepers. Ew. Why is it even a word. I hate that it’s even a word because just the name is so shameful. I should say, I snuggle with my baby boy all night every night because we both sleep better. The end. 

No but in all seriousness. What brought me to stop and post this blog was that Axel just started crying really hard in his sleep. Not sure why? Maybe he had a dream one of his evil aunts pinched him. But he just stared crying and I hugged him hard and tight and told him mamas hear. Then boom. Completely back out like a light. This was not a stressful moment for me in the least. Matter of fact, Brian didn’t even open his eyes. This is why. I am able to console my baby when he’s upset in a matter of seconds. I’m right here, he’s right by me and it’s soooo cozy. I love his snuggles more than anyone in the world. Sorry Brian. He doesn’t have a prickly beard or steal the blankets. 

The adorable little boy that stole my heart, stole my sanity and stole my kisses. He has also stole my bed. And I’m 100% okay with this because it allows me to be a better momma. Being just a hug away from his nightmare and just where we are comfortable the most. That’s what raising kids is about. Happiness and comfort. And that’s what “co-sleeping” is for us. Happiness and comfort. 

P.S.- I DID try him sleeping in his crib many, many times. I’m the kind of “don’t knock it till you try it” kind of person ever since my Essential Oils journey, so don’t jump down my throats telling me to try. We did. It’s not fun. It’s stressful, sad, and uncool for this fam. 

Oh and, he has a super supportive pediatrician that does not care where the child sleeps as long as he’s healthy and safe. And there is no safer place than right next to his momma as dadda. ❤️